Isnin, Disember 13, 2010

09 Zulhijjah 1431H

My heart is crying and hoping to be at home right now. How could I can withstand with this condition or this two years. Studying across the South East Chinese sea, far away from my beloved family. Everyday I always thinking of them. I hope that my sacrificed will have something behind it. This is the road I had taken, the grassy and wanted to wear one. I must not condemn what I had do. This is my choice to become a bitararian and study at aplace that very far away from the Borneo land. There is something that I want from it when I choose Pengkalan Chepa. Something that others will not believe it, and a 'nawaitu' that people could not realize it. I could feel the differences when I arrived at this college last years. The success aura from the old-school building make me to become more confidence to enter this college. I don't believe at istikharah prayer. Not mean that I don't believe to Allah. But I believe that all the things that happen to me is the way of Allah to give the success and become a good muslimen. At this seconds, I also feel that I felt in love with someone. Someone who I admired long time ago when I faced her. Long I stand to think about it. Either to tell her about what is in my heart or to keep it as my life secret. I hope that if she be my 'life partner' Allah will bless our relationship. I don't know why I am thinking so far. People said at this range of age, teenagers are not enough matured to think about married and to build a family. But I feel that we must think our future because we can arrange our way of life and set-upour back up for the challenge that we will face.

That's all, see you again…..sorry if my English is too worse…I'm in progress to study this language well J


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