Isnin, Disember 13, 2010

My Last Football Match at Bitara

    This is the last football match with my friends in my life studying in my college(MARA Junior Science College Bitara Pengkalan Chepa. Before I went to the field, I hoped that I will enjoying my play and I can feel a friendly and lovely last football game. But everything turned bad. From the seconds I walked out from my room, I saw at my football shoe. My football shoe had been worn out and it will be the last football match for the shoes. I searched for other shoes at block Aman, hoping that I can borrowed some shoes for my games. I went out from the block sadly. There was no shoes suitable for me. All the shoes that I found are large and not suitable for me. There was a shoes suitable for me, but it is from the person who I hate~pret F4. I used my boot to play for this day. When we started to play, everything turned unhappy. They were not dividing themselves equally. How could we play whe one team had 13 players while the other had only 8 players? What a stupid thing they had done!!!! Lastly others students came to be my team. We started our game for that day. Suddenly,an unexpected thing happened to my friends. His legs were torn out when he wanted to save a try from the opponents. I changed my position to become a goalkeeper because my friend could continue his game. I think this was not a good day for me to play because everything went unhappy.


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